E-commerce, e-commerce, etail... or selling online. Megaprojects B.V. has been selling Westinghouse Homeware products on Bol.com since December 2019. Over a year and a half later, we look back on a development and growth we are proud of! A growth of ...% on our overall e-commerce platforms. Curious about our e-commerce story? Then read on!


In December 2019, Megaprojects B.V. started selling Westinghouse Homeware products on e-commerce platform Bol.com. Bol.com was the start of our e-commerce adventure and from this experience we learnt a lot. This is where the motivational drive to expand to other platforms and grow was born.


Bol.com is of course hugely well known in the Netherlands, but less or not well known in the rest of Europe. Which brings us to Amazon. Megaprojects is, after all, distributor of the US brand for all of Europe so the decision was quickly made. It started with Amazon.de and not long after that Amazon.es, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it and Amazon.nl followed. Check out our store front and check out our product range!


Megaprojects is, of course, a Dutch company and as a European distributor of the Westinghouse Homeware brand, it is important to look at opportunities in our own country as well. Since summer 2021, we can also be found on FonQ, Blokker and VidaXL. Three platforms where the Westinghouse brand comes into its own. We are curious to see what kind of growth this will bring us!


In addition to existing e-commerce platforms, Megaprojects plans to launch a webshop in 2021! The aim is to be able to offer an extensive product portfolio and later definitely add other brands. Do you or do you know a brand that could use support? Megaprojects helps your brand grow! Take contact with us or check out our website.

Megaprojects B.V. is particularly looking forward to the last quarter of 2021. The holiday season is giving a real boost in the e-commerce landscape and with our own warehouse, we are going for it to the full 100%!

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