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For the brands and customers who specifically need it, we can happily do what we have distinguished ourselves in for decades; sourcing. We ourselves are constantly looking for quality products that fit the range Megaprojects wants to offer. Our portfolio is diverse, which gives us the ability to engage with companies from different industries, but also to respond well to consumer demand.

Megaprojects masters marketing in the broadest sense of the word. Market research, data analysis, competitor research but also concept development, social media, advertising, campaigns and content creation. We also support e-commerce, sales and product sourcing from a marketing perspective. For each brand, we examine the target group, the message and how we can best market the product using a structured marketing strategy.

Online marketplaces have gained considerable market share over the past decade. For brands, it has therefore become one of the most important sales channels. Within Megaprojects, we have an ambitious and experienced e-commerce team who are responsible for our D2C sales. Through data analysis, quality content and good service, we create brand awareness in a short time, which also brings offline benefits.

We also enjoy sharing the success of our brands with third parties. The Megaprojects sales team has a network of retailers and e-tailers to whom we offer our products. In addition, our product range is given a platform and we can reach the right target groups with the help of these partners. Besides selling our existing brands and products, the sales team also shares important information for (potential) new products, both locally and for the overall consumer market, based on market knowledge.

For both our partners and consumers, we strive for flawless and fast delivery. This is why Megaprojects is constantly developing in the field of logistics. In our own 3500m2 warehouse, we ensure sufficient stock to serve the market. With the help of carefully selected partners, we handle the distribution of our products.

The most important thing about doing business is satisfied customers. That is why Megaproject is 100% committed to a positive customer experience. Besides ensuring the quality of the products we offer, we are always there for our customers after sales. Corporate customers can reach us through their dedicated sales manager. For consumers, we have set up a Customer Service process in which we continuously improve, so that both the customer and the organisation can have the most efficient

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