Westinghouse Black Signature cookware set 3-piece

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The Black Signature range is the perfect addition to any kitchen. These high quality pans are designed to prepare high-quality dishes.

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The Black Signature range is the perfect addition to any kitchen. These high quality pans are designed to prepare high-quality dishes.

This bundle consists of 3 pans, including 2 frying pans and one saucepan for a bundle price of just €169.95.

The pans are made with a Try-ply construction of high-quality material that distributes heat quickly and evenly, resulting in perfect cooking of your food. The pans feature a non-stick coating, which prevents food from sticking and makes the pans easy to clean. Also, the pans are coated so the non-stick coating won't be damaged even if you cook with metal utensils.

The pans have a sturdy cool-touch handle that does not get hot while cooking, making it safe and easy to move the pan. The pan is suitable for use on all types of hobs and ovens, including induction.

These pans are a must-have for anyone who loves good food and likes to try new recipes. It is a versatile and handy pan that you will use again and again to prepare delicious snacks for yourself, your family and your friends.

Why Black signature?

The Black Signature series is more than just a collection of pans - it is a statement for your style and cooking skills. Designed with attention to detail and craftsmanship, the series offers a wide range of pans that perfectly suit your needs and tastes.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced chef, the Black Signature range will help you create your culinary masterpieces. Thanks to the high-quality materials and even heat distribution, you will never be disappointed by the quality of your dishes. Moreover, the non-stick coating and easy-to-clean design ensure stress-free cleaning.

The design of the Black Signature range is elegant and timeless, with a beautiful colour combination of black and stainless steel. The sleek design matches any interior and adds a touch of style to your kitchen.

Last but not least, the Black Signature range is versatile and suitable for all types of hobs and ovens, meaning you can use it anytime and anywhere. Whether you have a gas cooker, an induction hob or a ceramic hob, you will have no trouble finding the perfect pan for your dish.

In short, the Black Signature series is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality and durable pans with a timeless design and perfect cooking results. Invest in this series today and discover how it can take your culinary journey to the next level.

3 advantages of the Westinghouse Black Signature frying pan.

1. Even heat distribution: A Westinghouse Black Signature pan is designed to distribute heat evenly across the surface of the pan. This means your dishes will cook evenly, without having to worry about hotspots in the pan.
2. Non-stick coating: Westinghouse Black Signature pans have a non-stick coating, which means food won't stick to the pan. This not only makes it easier to cook your snacks, but it also means the pan is easier to clean.
3. Suitable for many different types of dishes: Westinghouse Black Signature pans are designed to cook many different types of dishes.

Maintenance and usage tips from the Westinghouse expert:

Tip 1: Westinghouse pans are dishwasher-resistant, yet we recommend hand-washing for optimal preservation of the non-stick coating.
Tip 2: A non-stick coating needs to be treated with some care to enjoy it for a long time. That means preferably not using scratching objects like knives, metal spatulas or scouring pads.
Tip 3: If a deposit does develop over time, it can be removed by using some acid. Just boil a little vinegar in the pan and your pan will quickly refurbish.
Tip 4: Avoid exposing the pan to excessive temperature changes. So do not remove the pan from the heat and immediately put it under the cold tap. This prevents tension in the pan and thus minor damage.

About Westinghouse

Now also available in the Netherlands! A beautiful and robust collection of pans specially designed for induction and working equally well on other cookers. In 2023, we will expand our collection and also launch our new Black Signature line of pans.

George Westinghouse Jr. was an American entrepreneur and engineer in Pennsylvania who invented the railway air brake and was a pioneer of the electrical industry, obtaining his first patent at the age of 19. Westinghouse saw the potential in alternating current as an electricity distribution system in the early 1880s and devoted all his resources to its development and marketing, a move that put his company in direct competition with the Edison direct current system. After winning this competitive battle, Westinghouse grew to become one of the largest producers of advanced consumer products in the US, including kitchen appliances, hoovers, fans, pans and cameras.

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