Resto Pavo - Frying pan 26 & 28 cm - Frying pan set - Pan set - 2 pieces

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This pan is designed to allow you to cook a wide range of dishes.


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This pan is designed to allow you to prepare a wide range of dishes. We wanted to create a very versatile pan so that even people with limited culinary experience or little gastronomic knowledge can prepare a variety of dishes. With the Pavo pan, you can easily prepare your family's favourite dishes, from bolognese and pasta to stir-fries and risottos. Whether you have an important meeting or are hosting a dinner party, you can rely on your Pavo pan to prepare a delicious meal that your guests are sure to enjoy.

Normal price of the pans is €62.98. Now combined in a bundle for a special bundle price of just €54.95.

Heat-resistant coating
At Resto, they wanted to develop a product that would not only enhance your cooking experience, but also reduce the time and effort required to clean your cookware. This pan is designed with a special outer coating that protects the surface from discolouration, simplifies maintenance and retains its original appearance. The pan is quick and easy to clean and store, with no long scrubbing required.

4-layer non-stick coating
Our pans not only have a beautiful, unique satin finish, but also a specially designed non-stick coating with 4 layers of Pfluon. This includes a base layer for ultra-high resistance and durability, an anti-abrasive layer, a second layer for a non-stick surface and an additional non-stick layer. The non-stick coating is not just a trend, but an essential component for better cooking performance. It means you can cook with minimal oil thanks to a four-layer, durable and highly abrasion-resistant non-stick surface.

Induction base with anti-deformation disc
The design process is geared towards creating a long-lasting user experience. Thanks to the induction base, food heats up quickly, saving you time in the kitchen. This ensures that you are cooking in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way. In addition, you can use these pans on induction, gas, electric, ceramic and halogen hobs. The anti-deformation disc is also developed for long-term use. In fact, this disc ensures that the pan does not deform during use, regardless of the many hours spent in the kitchen!

Ergonomic soft-touch handle
Not only did we want this Pavo pan to produce beautiful dishes, we also wanted it to be enjoyable to use. That's why we equipped it with ergonomic handles with a soft-touch finish and an aluminium insert for durability and storage. Moreover, the metal trim adds visual touches to your kitchen design and perfectly matches the stylish dishes you prepare.

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