Resto Antares - Wok pan 24 + 26 + 28cm - Pan set - Wok pans - 3 pieces

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Nothing beats the wonderful smell of stir-frying and the flavourful meals you can make with a wok pan.


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Nothing beats the wonderful smell of stir-frying and the flavourful meals you can make with a wok pan. This versatile pan is indispensable in any kitchen and can be used for quick and healthy cooking. With the right technique and the right ingredients, you can put the most delicious dishes on the table in no time! Whether you are making an Asian-inspired stir-fry dish or preparing a healthy vegetarian meal, the wok pan offers endless possibilities to express your culinary creativity.

Normal price of the pans is €88.97. Now combined in a bundle for a special bundle price of only €74.95

External heat-resistant coating
Although woks have a brilliant design, some models have been known to give off a dangerous amount of heat to the cook using them. Fortunately, this wok promotes safety through an external heat-resistant coating, which means the cook is less likely to feel excessive heat on the hands and less risk of burns when contacting the surface of the wok.

Reinforced non-stick coating
Modern innovations in cookware have greatly improved the cooking experience and kitchen clean-up. The non-stick coating is one of them. This means you no longer have to struggle with burnt food sticking to the pan, setting off the smoke detector and filling your kitchen with smoke. It also means that cleaning the pan is a breeze, as you can easily remove leftover food with minimal effort

Ergonomic handle
Cheaply designed and poorly built cookware can cause frustrating problems, such as handles that conduct heat too easily and cause burns. Moreover, they often offer little grip, making you less stable while cooking. Fortunately, the Antares range is different. It has an ergonomic handle that ensures complete comfort and control as you move around the kitchen with your pan.

Anti-deformation disc + Induction floor

At Resto, they are known for our durable products that are built to last. We have reinforced these pans with an anti-distortion disc in the bottom, making them last longer and resist deformation when heated. Not only are these pans durable, but they these induction bottoms are also suitable for gas, electric, ceramic or halogen. This smooth and flat base allows electric currents to flow through it, making it efficient with your time and energy bills. But it's not just about functionality, the ergonomically shaped handle with hanging loop offers a secure grip and comfortable lifting. Cooking has never been easier and more durable.


- 100 % PFOA-free
- Dishwasher-safe
- Easy to clean

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