Westinghouse Pan Set - Performance Series Casserole 28cm + Casserole 28cm - Black Original price was: €184,90.Current price is: €149,95.
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Westinghouse Pan Set - Special Edition Pancake pan 26cm + Pancake pan 28cm - Special Edition Original price was: €84,90.Current price is: €74,95.

Westinghouse Pans Set - Black Marble Wok pan 30cm + Frying pan 30cm + Casserole 28cm - Suitable for all heat sources including induction

SKU: Bundle 18 - Marble

This pan set contains 1 Westinghouse Black Marble Wok pan 30cm, 1 Frying pan 30cm and 1 Casserole 28cm.

Original price was: €181,85.Current price is: €159,95.

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This pan set contains 1 Westinghouse Black Marble Wok pan 30cm, 1 Frying pan 30cm and 1 Casserole 28cm.

Normal price €181.85, special bundle price €159.95.

Westinghouse's innovative non-stick coating means you need less oil or fat than with traditional pans. The non-stick coating is of extremely high quality and 100% guaranteed free of PFOA or other harmful substances. Even at high frying temperatures, no harmful fumes are released and you can guarantee safe and healthy cooking.Westinghouse pans are very easy to clean and easily washable. Thanks to the durable non-stick coating, no burnt-on residue remains in the pan after cooking and it suffices to clean the pan with a damp cloth or light soapy water. Moreover, Westinghouse pans are dishwasher-safe.

Plus points:

Little oil or butter required thanks to durable non-stick coating suitable for induction and all other heat sources (oven up to 160 degrees)
Cool-touch ergonomic handle 1
00% free of PFOA and other harmful substances
Easy to clean & suitable for dishwasher.
Maintenance and usage tips from the Westinghouse expert:

Tip 1 Westinghouse pans are dishwasher-proof, yet we recommend hand-washing for optimal preservation of the non-stick coating.
Tip 2 A non-stick coating needs to be treated with some care to enjoy it for a long time. This means preferably not using scratching objects such as knives, metal spatulas or scouring pads.
Tip 3 If a deposit does develop over time, it can be removed by using some acid. Just boil a little vinegar in the pan and your pan will quickly refurbish.
Tip 4 Avoid exposing the pan to excessive temperature changes. So do not remove the pan from the heat and immediately put it under the cold tap. This prevents tension in the pan and thus minor damage.
About Westinghouse

Now also available in the Netherlands! A beautiful and robust stone-finished collection of pans that is specially designed for induction and works equally well on other cookers. In 2021, we will expand our collection and also launch the electric kitchen appliances that Westinghouse is known for.George Westinghouse Jr. was an American entrepreneur and engineer in Pennsylvania, who invented the railway air brake and was a pioneer of the electrical industry, obtaining his first patent at the age of 19. Westinghouse saw the potential in alternating current as an electricity distribution system in the early 1880s and devoted all his resources to its development and marketing, a move that put his company in direct competition with the Edison direct current system. Having won this competitive battle, Westinghouse grew to become one of the largest producers of advanced consumer products in the US, including kitchen appliances, hoovers, fans, pans and cameras

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